Coping After Racist Experiences (CARE)

Project Abstract:

Over 35% of Americans belong to racial minority groups. Pernicious, ubiquitous experiences with everday racism - both overt and subtle, profoundly impact physical, mental, and emotional well-being. While social support is one of the better documented coping strategies, people of color remain rightfully mistrustful and hesistant to utilize online social networks. In this work, I investigate how people of color use social technology to cope with the aftermath of interpersonal racism. I identify the current challenges in using social technology, and use participatory design approaches to examine speculative future technology design.

Key Publications:

  1. Carey, H., To, A., Hammer, J., Kaufman, G. Fictional, Interactive Narrative as a Foundation to Talk about Racism. In Proc. DIS 2020 Work-in-Progress.
  2. To, A., Sweeney, W., Hammer, J., Kaufman, G. "They Just Don't Get It": Towards Social Technologies for Coping with Interpersonal Racism. In Proc. CSCW 2020.
  3. To, A., Carey, H., Kaufman, G., Hammer, J. "Reducing Uncertainty and Offering Comfort: Designing Technology for Coping with Interpersonal Racism" [IN PRESS] CHI 2021.